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Welcome to Bernards Heath Infant and Nursery School

We are incredibly proud of our school. We prioritise first hand experiences and promote a love of learning through engaging learning themes designed in partnership with the children.

We are a team who regularly discuss the skills and characteristics of good learners with the children. Through the development of Learning Heroes we have given children a vocabulary for talking about the learning process. Dog, Duck, Bear and Monkey each have specific skills that make them good learners; they make mistakes but don’t give up, try hard and work well with others. Our reflective attitudes, vision and aims shape the developments we make and ensure we have a shared understanding of what is important.

You will discover more about us by exploring the rest of this website, but the very best way to get a feel for our school is to come and visit; you are always welcome. Please contact us and we will be happy to show you around.

Mrs Hannah Rimmer – Head Teacher

Latest news from our Head Teacher’s blog

School Puddings

This morning Year 2 School Council met with Mrs Banahan to talk about how the pudding trial has worked at lunchtimes. Patricia talked about how she enjoyed tasting melon and Sid said he likes the cheese and crackers best. The children agreed that it was important to have fruit everyday and to encourage children to try different fruits even if they think they might not like them. Mrs Rimmer shared lots of notes from the Feelings Box; children have been writing about which fruits they have tried and other things they like about lunchtimes including: pasta, Lunchtime Helpers, Play Leaders and helping younger children with their trays and coats. Everyone at the meeting agreed that having one option of either cake, biscuit, hot pudding, jelly or mousse a day was enough and that multiple options shouldn’t be available on the same day. This matches the outcomes of the parent questionnaire and it was agreed in the meeting that the trial will now become a permanent arrangement. We are always looking for ways to improve and Mrs Banahan asked the children if there was anything else they thought could be better. Sid said it would be nice to have some more rice instead of potatoes and Tomasz said it would be good if the pear could be cut up to make it a bit easier to eat. Mrs Banahan is thinking about these things. Mrs Banahan attended the local cooks meeting and has been learning about Herts Catering’s commitment to healthy eating and providing a balanced menu. New menus will be sent home before Easter and Mrs Rimmer and Mrs Banahan will review these to ensure they are in line with our expectations about puddings. Thank you to School Council and... read more



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