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Welcome to the 2015-16 blog for our Heartwood, Clarence, and Verulam class children.


Ranger Paul visits Bernards Heath

Today we had a special visitor at school; Ranger Paul and his collection of insects, arachnids and snakes. Ranger Paul set up camp in Morpurgo class and our Year 1 and Year 2 classes came to visit him throughout the day.

Children learnt lots of interesting facts about his rainforest creatures including; how they are adapted to their environment, how they avoid predators, and how they catch their prey.

One particular favourite was the Orchid Mantis which disguises itself as a flower and then pounces on bees when they arrive looking for nectar.

At the end of the day Ranger Paul hosted an assembly for the Foundation Stage children so they could enjoy meeting some of his friends.


Bring your parent to school…

On Saturday morning children from across the school became tour guides!

They arrived at school with mums, dads, grandmas and grandads and proudly took them on a tour of our school. It was a really special event that was very well attended. Children enjoyed sharing their learning with adults and showing them all the places they like to learn. Thank you very much to the teachers for setting up their classrooms and coming to school on a Saturday.


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Science Week!

What a busy week!  Here’s just a few of the things children have been investigating and talking about.  Heath Class have been waiting and watching as their dinosaur egg begins to hatch.  This morning the children noticed a very big crack appearing and had to think about how big the dinosaur might be.  Will it be a real dinosaur or a pretend one?

They have also been learning about planting and growing, Amber said “I did some planting.  I had to dig a hole and put something inside it.  I think it was a daffodil bulb”.










In Heartwood Class Dylan said “Planting was exciting because I had to take all the weeds out first”.

Raphael told me he enjoyed making bird feeders.  “We had bread and had to break it into bits and put bird seed in”. Eloise explained how they poured the food into a cup and added string, “we had to tie it so it doesn’t fall off” she said.


Clarence Class have been making their own potions!  Isabelle explained how she was a real scientist and made her own slime.








Verulam Class were very proud of the instruments they made – shaking, strumming and banging.  The children sang as they played their instruments, forming their own band.

Such an exciting week full of lots and lots of learning.


Thank you to Miss Kearns for organising Science Week.

-Miss Woolfson

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Wow! What a feeling…

The atmosphere in the park on Sunday was electric, it was so lovely to see so many families and staff supporting the Bernards Heath team in the Fun Run. We won the Primary School Challenge for the most number of entrants linked to a Primary School. It was very close and came down to just a few percent (it is worked out on a ratio to ensure bigger schools don’t have an advantage).  On reflection perhaps the fact they played Heather Small’s Proud – Our Friday anthem was a good sign??

The 1.5 mile course was tough on little legs, a large majority of children laughed and smiled their way along, with a few complaints of stitch! An extra well done to those who found it a really tough challenge but were like duck, didn’t give up and crossed the finishing line to collect their ice lolly and medal.

IMG_9234 IMG_9228IMG_9226IMG_9209

Thanks again to all those who supported us! We are looking forward to next year already!


Well Done Clarence Class!

The grown ups at school are feeling so proud of Clarence Class after their first Class Assembly earlier this morning!

The children told the audience about their days at school describing some of their favourite activities  and explaining their learning.  Clarence Class gave their first public performance of ‘Good to be Me’ – a song which the children helped to write. They felt very proud of their acting as they re-told the story of the Ugly Duckling – and we were delighted that the audience was so enthusiastic and encouraging.

Well Done Clarence Class!

A New Head Teacher!

On behalf of the Governing Body I am delighted to announce that we have appointed Mrs Hannah Rimmer as our new Head teacher from 1 September 2015.

We came to this decision after following a rigorous process, having shortlisted 3 candidates for interview. The selection process was a full day, involving a panel of three governors and our Hertfordshire Improvement Partner.

Hannah has been the Deputy Head teacher at Bernards Heath for the last 5 years and I am sure you will join me in congratulating Hannah on her appointment.

Kind regards

Nicola Lloyd    Chair of Governors

New Number Lines to Support Learning at Home

As we come to the end of Maths Week, we want to remind you that all children in Heath, Heartwood, Clarence, Spencer, Churchill, Alban, Morpurgo and Ryder classes have brought new number lines home in their book bags to use and keep at home – Mitchell and Verulam will have theirs after the holidays. Our Y1 and Y2 children have also been given 100 squares to support their learning.

Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday 20 April!

Meet ‘Duck’ one of our Learning Heroes!

In assemblies this week we have introduced the children to ‘Duck’s Story’. Duck is one of our Learning Heroes and the children have talked about how important it is to keep trying and trying – even when its really tricky

Just before the half term holiday, we met ‘Dog’ and learned about ‘Dog’s Story’ – Dog always concentrates and completes a task even though at times it is tempting to do something else! Your child should be able to tell you about Dog’s Story, why not ask him or her to tell you the story before bedtime tonight?

A dragon? At school?

Yes indeed… The children in Foundation Stage 2 have been learning about Chinese New Year this week.

As I was working hard at my laptop I heard bells, tambourines and drums and, when I looked out of the window, my eyes were met with an amazing sight… A DRAGON! Not a fire breathing dragon but a Chinese dragon. The children wished me a ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi’.


I also found out they have been writing shopping lists to make stir fry. After the shopping list they wrote instructions with numbers so they knew how to cook this yummy dish. Finally they went to the cooking area and with some help from the adults cooked up their own stir fry to taste! Some children even tried to eat using chopsticks. Tricky!

Mrs Rimmer

Empty your wallets and purses!

Foundation 2 Classes have been looking at different coins. Children have been talking about the coins, comparing real and pretend coins and doing coin rubbings. Why not have a look at some of the coins you have at home or share some coins from another country?

They have also been sharpening their painting skills and producing pictures showing what they got for Christmas. Children were taught to draw an outline in pencil first and then think ccarefully about the colours they would need for making their toy look as true to life as possible. The classroom galleries will soon be filled with Elsa, Arna, cars and scooters to name a few of the popular choices!

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