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Welcome to the 2015-16 blog for our Alban, Morpurgo, and Ryder class children.


LIV Village Perform at Bernards Heath!

Since September the children at Bernards Heath have been learning about LIV village which houses over 130 orphaned children in Durban, South Africa. Miss Passey and the Learning Heroes visited South Africa in the Easter holidays and last Friday the LIV youth choir came to our school!

DSC05332 DSC05325

The children were captivated as the choir sang a Zulu song in assembly and performed a Gumboot dance! The children joined in with the actions and were very excited to meet the choir and play football with them at lunchtime.

DSC05340  DSC05342

After School the choir sang and danced in a longer performance explaining more about Africa, their faith and their new families on the village. The choir loved their day saying the children of Bernards Heath were “very fun” and “so friendly”. Thank you to the parents and children who came to the performance and helped to support LIV through kind donations and buying toys, wristbands and African shirts. The LIV ambassadors and children from the choir felt very welcomed and are so excited about our School partnership developing further!

DSC05357 DSC05358

For more information about supporting LIV Village please visit the website or speak to Miss Passey.

St Albans Fun Run 2016

Verulamium park was such an exciting place to be on Sunday 12th June as lots of us got ready for the St Albans Fun Run! We were overwhelmed by the crowd of red t-shirts from Bernards Heath Infant and Junior School families.  We met by our school flag and even duck came along to help us remember to keep going and not give up! After we had finished the Fun Run we got some exciting news that our school had won the Primary School Challenge for the largest number of runners!

2016-06-12-PHOTO-00000016                2016-06-12-PHOTO-00000020

In assembly Councillor Annie Brewster came to present us with our trophy and congratulate those who ran this year and ask who would like to run next year. We feel so proud of children and adults who tried their best and ran in the fun run, it’s great to be part of such a big team!

DSC01253                DSC05077


The Sun is Shining!

On a very sunny Wednesday last half term, we created an Outdoor Learning Day as lots of classes spent some time on the field with myself, Miss Freeman and Mrs Williams.  We started by talking in assembly about how we would need to focus on our team work skills; sharing ideas and listening to each other.  We looked at a big pile of sticks, logs and branches and thought about how these could help us with our learning outside.  The children came up with lots of ideas for den building and were very keen to get started!

Here are just some of the ways the children worked together:

DSC00973 (400x300) DSC00910 (400x300) DSC00903 (400x300) DSC00961 (400x300) DSC00872 (400x300) DSC00916 (400x300)

The creations included campsites, a spitfire, dens, a zip-wire and a double bed big enough for a sleepover in a tent!  What a fantastic day of Outdoor Learning.

Miss Woolfson

A Welcome Surprise in Outdoor Learning

What a welcome surprise we had in our Outdoor Learning this afternoon! Year 2 Ryder Class were out on the field enjoying the spring sunshine and using our new bendy meter sticks to measure length and width when all of a sudden we saw a visitor in our wild garden. We were welcomed over and Mike introduced himself. He explained to us that he was making a willow den and tunnel! How astounded we were and eager to learn more. Mike explained how he would bend the willow into different shapes and that it would take root and grow. Oliver asked:

“Do you stick it together with glue?”

Mike kindly replied that he never uses glue or sticky tape but the willow itself- just like they would have done in the olden days! We were amazed to see how he bent small pieces of willow and wrapped it around larger branches to hold tight. We are so excited to explore our tunnel, look after it and watch it grow and flourish. Thank you so much Mike for talking to us!

Miss Kearns


DSC01463 DSC01484 DSC01466

A visit from a Member of Parliament

Last Friday Oliver Dowden, the MP for Hertsmere, visited us.  In our Proud Assembly he explained what an MP does and how he became an MP. He gave the children pointers as to the important things they had to learn if they wanted to be an MP too.

We need to remember to:

  • speak clearly and loudly
  • listen to people’s ideas and problems
  • think of what we need to do to make our community an even better place.




Mr Dowden then led a School Council Meeting all about parking safely outside our school. The Councillors discussed the problems and suggested solutions which we voted on. The School Council will now meet with Mrs Rimmer to decide what to do next.

Thank you to Mr Dowden for a very interesting visit.

Gill Fenner




Maths Week – Bernards Heath Business School!

Money, Money, Money!

It was Maths Week and we became business experts.

Did you hear about the visit to Dragon’s Den?

 Year 1 and 2 children needed to come up with their big idea, conduct market research, draft a product plan, listen to feedback and work to a budget.  They needed to present and explain their ideas in order to be given a loan and then work out what profit they could make.  They worked hard all week to use and understand new vocabulary; loan, budget, profit, save, business, entrepreneur, invest, pitch.

DSC01336 DSC01392 DSC01398 DSC01402

By the end of the week Y1 and Y2 had sold their products to one another; Maths Week made a total profit of over £130!  Our next step is to work with the children to spend this money on maths resources for school.

Miss Woolfson

Ranger Paul visits Bernards Heath

Today we had a special visitor at school; Ranger Paul and his collection of insects, arachnids and snakes. Ranger Paul set up camp in Morpurgo class and our Year 1 and Year 2 classes came to visit him throughout the day.

Children learnt lots of interesting facts about his rainforest creatures including; how they are adapted to their environment, how they avoid predators, and how they catch their prey.

One particular favourite was the Orchid Mantis which disguises itself as a flower and then pounces on bees when they arrive looking for nectar.

At the end of the day Ranger Paul hosted an assembly for the Foundation Stage children so they could enjoy meeting some of his friends.


Be a Learning Hero!

This week is a special ‘Learning Hero’ themed week at school. There was much excitement about this on the first day back after the holiday.

Ryder and Alban Class were making musical accompaniments to the story of Dog. Dog is an expert at managing distractions and concentrating on the task at hand. Morpurgo Class were being more like Duck; they were building the tallest towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Despite this being a very tricky challenge all children worked as a team and didn’t give up no matter how many times the spaghetti snapped and the structures fell down!

The children in Mitchell Class were also thinking about our Learning Heroes in their computing lesson. Children worked together like Bear; sharing their ideas and explaining their thinking as they used Purple Mash, a program on the laptops, to create posters about Dog. Churchill Class were out on the playground with Miss Poole and Mr Denyer learning some good playground games using the coloured dots by Heath Class. They will teach other children the games they have learnt at playtime and lunchtime. They will need to be like Bear and share the rules clearly, answer questions and listen to others.

There is rather a large collection of cardboard boxes in the Year 1 classrooms, It is exciting to think about what these might be used for, watch this space!

If you would like to find out more about our Learning Heroes and share the stories at home look at our Teaching and Learning Policy on the website.

A sneak preview…

This morning while working in my office I heard a lovely sound! When I went to investigate I found Year 2 were practising their Christmas play in the hall. The singing sounded clear and lots of children already know the words and have obviously been practising!


Remember the deadline for tickets is 30th November and performances are for adults only.

Mrs Rimmer

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