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Brand New Windows

The window walling project has begun!  Each KS1 class is ‘evicted’ for a day – Alban and Morpurgo have spent the last two days learning outdoors – whilst Nick and his team remove the old windows and external doors and replace them with brand new ones!

Take a look at Morpurgo’s makeover…



Cycling Day 2

Day 2

We are pushing off, gliding, pedaling, braking, turning and feeling very confident!

Learning to Balance and Ride

Day 1 of Herts Balance and Ride and we are feeling very proud!  Look at what our Y1 children have achieved today.

A Very Special Lunchtime!

At lunchtime on Tuesday something very special happened. For the first time ever, each child from Verulam, Clarence and Heartwood Class invited one grown-up to come to school and learn about the lunchtime experience at Bernards Heath.
Our admin team welcomed our special visitors and gave out lunch bands so they knew what they were having for lunch.Children were excited when they arrived at the hall and met grown-ups who were sitting at the tables and chairs and wearing lunch bands just like them! Mums, Dads, Grandparents and special family friends queued with children to collect either chicken and rice or a jacket potato and chatted together while they ate. 
Mrs Donagher and her team had worked really hard to make sure that everyone had something to eat and there were lots of compliments about the quality of the lunch served. The grown-ups helped pour water and children proudly showed their guests where to put their tray, cup and cutlery after they had finished eating. After lunch children and grown-ups went outside to play and when Mrs Williams squeaked the squeaker our children were very good at saying goodbye, going back to the classroom and settling back in to their afternoon of learning.
A big thank you to all the children, staff and parents who helped make this special lunchtime a great success!
Mrs Rimmer

New School Council

Last week I met twelve very proud and excited children from Year 1 and Year 2. The new School Councillors met me in my office and received their new badge. They introduced themselves to the other members of the group and told everyone something they really like doing.

Alban Class – Ella and William

Morpurgo Class – Lilybelle and Casper

Ryder Class – Caitlin and Freddie

Mitchell Class – Ava and Oula

Churchill Class – Alex and Rosie

Spencer Class – Charlotte and William

The rest of our first meeting was spent choosing new signs for our playground. I was particularly impressed with the reasons they gave for the choices they made:

“We should have this one because it will help us learn” – Number bond flowers

“The little children will like this one” – Seasons

“We should have this one because it will keep us healthy” – Football scoring game

Look out for the new boards which should arrive in school before half term.

We Are Back!

It’s the first morning back

And all through the school,

The Classrooms are ready

The teachers are cool!


We’ve all had a rest

It’s September again!

Welcome back Bernards Heath

Now let’s grow our brains!

What a year!

My second year as Head Teacher has taught me so much, mostly that every day there is a new way the children at Bernards Heath can make me proud!

The ethos at school is one where expectations are high, it is the norm to hear staff and children talk about ‘doing their best’ and ‘feeling proud’ of their achievements. Effort is encouraged and we are always glad to hear about new learning at school, at home and in after school clubs; it is particularly impressive when children play their instruments and sing in assembly and this year we have been treated to ukulele, cello and guitar to name a few! The opportunities in clubs have met a wide variety of interests and have taught children new skills and built confidence and self esteem. A big thank you to the staff who run these clubs and give up their time.

One of our main focus points on the School Development Plan has been to raise the percentage of Year 1 children meeting the expectation in the statutory Phonics Screening. There has been a huge amount of work done by the entire staff and I would like to thank them for their unwavering support, energy and commitment to giving our children the best learning experiences. I am proud that our 81% target has been exceeded and 88% of our Year 1 cohort reached the expectation this year – our highest ever! In meeting this whole school objective we have not lost the ‘love of reading.’  The love of reading will continue over the summer; look at the ‘Learning Together’ page on our website for ideas about how you can continue to support reading and sign up to take part in the library reading challenge.

The curriculum at school is something many parents have commented on in report reply slips. There have been so many additional experiences including visits, visitors, performances, assemblies, curriculum weeks and complete classroom transformations that wouldn’t happen without the creativity and energy of our staff. They are an incredible bunch of people who put children and their wellbeing and learning first. They work incredibly hard and the reports they have written about your children and the way they talk about every child at pupil progress meetings demonstrates what a good understanding they have of every child as an individual.

We know that we are sharing our days with children who are still forming their view of the world and are learning how best to make an impact. Responsibility is key. We have had a year of uncertainty in the wider world and our children have picked up on this and been keen to take action. The ‘Help Refugees Committee’ have organised fundraisers and rallied support from across the school resulting in over £2000 being raised to help vulnerable children and families. It blows my mind that children who are six and seven years old have a level of emotional intelligence and social responsibility and can articulate that so clearly in the actions they take. The School Council and Play Leaders are other examples where children have given up their time and put their personal and social skills to excellent use. Our playground is a busy and happy place for children to play. They tell us they feel safe and that they love their school.

There is a huge amount that happens ‘behind the scenes’ I would like to thank the Governors for their support and challenge and Mrs Kilpatrick at the Junior School for the excellent communication we share. Miss Woolfson and Miss Kearns have a daily impact and are an inspirational pair with the highest expectations for themselves and others. Our admin team is exceptional! They answer in excess of a million questions each day and manage to keep calm and smile at all who encounter them!

One of the things I am most proud of is our communication with parents. We truly value our partnerships with parents and continue to be committed to working together to best support children. The outcome we see as a result of this is happy, confident and independent learners. Thank you for volunteering, giving us feedback both positive and constructive, taking on board suggestions, attending meetings about how to have an even bigger impact on learning at home and clapping loudly at every event we invite you to! We really couldn’t be as successful as we are without your support and your children benefit enormously from this.

As we look forward to September and welcoming new families to school we have already started thinking about our priorities; we are planning to further develop our learning environments to enhance independence and further promote early reading and writing. We are also planning to develop staff curriculum teams to look at how we can further challenge children outside the core areas of learning.

First though… a holiday! I wish you a safe, happy and adventurous 6 weeks and look forward to seeing you in September!

Mrs Rimmer




Eddie the Penguin Saves the World…

No less than three times in one week!


We have been treated to three fabulous performances of the Year 2 play this week. In a change to the traditional Leavers Assembly the whole cohort worked together to tell the story of Eddie, a penguin who goes on a mission to save the world from global warming! The change of plan came about when the children were asked what they wanted to do for their Leavers Assembly they talked about how much they had enjoyed the Christmas production, singing, acting and playing instruments. After checking with teachers and parents it was a done deal and the decision was made.

Audiences were wowed by confident performers who sung, danced and narrated their story to a very high standard. We were so proud of the way the children introduced their characters, played their instruments, worked together and so obviously enjoyed themselves every time they got on the stage.

Feedback from parents was great, they told us how proud they felt of how far the children had come since they first performed with us in their Christmas play back in 2014. They also said: “It was good to go out on a high!” the performance was “Uplifting” and “A good opportunity for the children to show what they can do.” There were lots of comments about how well the children worked together and helped and supported each other.

A big round of applause for our professional performers who did not let a technical hitch with the music or a costume malfunction spoil the show. A big thank you to staff who directed the play, made costumes, sets and programmes, led the dancers and musicians and encouraged our children to do their very best!

Usain who???

Sports Day was a massive success! Thank you to all the staff who worked hard to organise such great events and to parents for making the time to come and watch. The real stars of the day were of course the children…

Clarence and Verulam started the events with  an egg and spoon race where Verulam Class’ eggs looked like they may have been glued into place (Mr Wilson and Mrs Randall have assured us they weren’t!) Following that was an impressive obstacle race which involved getting a cup of water from one end of the field to the other, climbing over stepping stones and crawling under tables!

Next up were Heath and Heartwood, they exchanged the baton with skill and gave each other a well rehearsed high five during the hurdles. They too tackled the daring obstacle race with the winning team collecting 900ml of water between them.

All in attendance could not fail to notice the sheer joy on the faces on the children as they did their best in each event. When it came to the skipping race we saw a wide variety of techniques as the smiles turned to looks of pure concentration and determination. The crowd of spectators did a great job of encouraging and applauding our youngest athletes.

The afternoon involved a change of venue as we moved to the Heath. Year 1 and 2 had the opportunity to really gather speed as they sprinted from one cone to the other. Parents cheered whilst some got comfy on chairs and blankets. The expectations were raised for Year 1 and 2 and the afternoon finished with competitive sprints where 1st, 2nd and 3rd badges were awarded. Children were learning to win and lose and we were impressed with the incredible atmosphere of team spirit and good sportsmanship. One of our favourite quotes of the day came from a child in Year 1 who fell mid race, got up and ran for the finish line. It was all a bit overwhelming at the end of the race but when we chatted later she explained that she had thought of the Lion King when she had fallen, and in particular the bit where Simba got bumped on the head by the baboon and was told “Don’t worry about it, it’s in the past!” We were particularly impressed with this positive attitude and how it impacted on others who might have been feeling a bit disappointed about not winning their race.

Sports Day not only gave children the chance to show off what they can do physically, they also got the chance to stretch their personal, social and emotional muscles, building resilience and celebrating their best efforts whatever the outcome. We are all very proud.

Vision Statement

Over the 2016/2017 academic year we have been reviewing our school vision, values and aims. These are published at the front of our Parent and Staff Handbooks and were written with the aim of ensuring all stakeholders know what we are striving for at Bernards Heath.

The process of updating this has been led by the Governing Body. They have worked with staff and children to find the right words to accurately describe the vision at Bernards Heath. We have also discussed whether this is more of an ethos statement as it is not necessarily something we are working towards in the long term but describes what we strive for every day. It is what influences the way we speak, to and about children, to each other and also embodies our expectations for our whole school community.

We wanted to ensure the statement was not too long, wordy or too easy to forget. These are the words that shape our education and curriculum and we want everyone to be able to easily recall what we believe and what we value.

Please read on; as always, your feedback is welcome…

At Bernards Heath Infant and Nursery School we share our days with children who are just starting to find their place in the world. Our school is a happy, safe learning environment that actively promotes curiosity, challenge and creativity.

We are proud of our school and the strong relationships we have with our families. We celebrate kindness, respect and individuality as we strive to be the best versions of ourselves.

Our children develop enquiring minds and the skills needed for lifelong learning through an active and engaging curriculum.


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