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The Sun is Shining!

On a very sunny Wednesday last half term, we created an Outdoor Learning Day as lots of classes spent some time on the field with myself, Miss Freeman and Mrs Williams.  We started by talking in assembly about how we would need to focus on our team work skills; sharing ideas and listening to each other.  We looked at a big pile of sticks, logs and branches and thought about how these could help us with our learning outside.  The children came up with lots of ideas for den building and were very keen to get started!

Here are just some of the ways the children worked together:

DSC00973 (400x300) DSC00910 (400x300) DSC00903 (400x300) DSC00961 (400x300) DSC00872 (400x300) DSC00916 (400x300)

The creations included campsites, a spitfire, dens, a zip-wire and a double bed big enough for a sleepover in a tent!  What a fantastic day of Outdoor Learning.

Miss Woolfson

Mud Kitchens and Meadow Turf!









The sun was shining and an army of volunteers came to school on Saturday morning. Parents, staff, children and their families were digging, raking and planting all morning. Sally led the meadow turf laying; we are hoping this will attract the wildlife! Jane, our garden designer, directed the planting and Josie organised crafts, refreshments and the stumpery!

The garden is really taking shape thanks to everyone’s hard work; the Willow Dome, sponsored by Louise Saunders Estate Agents, has begun to sprout and the children have decorated some rocks to add a splash of colour! Some children got busy in the mud kitchen and produced mud burgers and mud rice pudding.

There was an amazing atmosphere as the team worked hard to complete the work and we are really looking forward to learning about our world down in the Wild Garden! Next time you are at school go down and take a look.

A huge thanks to all involved!

Mrs Rimmer

The Big Pedal

Thanks to all those who have taken part in the Big Pedal so far! We have been impressed with the number of families choosing to scoot or ride their bikes to school instead of bringing the car. Mr Desborough has made additional scooter parks on the main playground and at the back of the school, near to Mitchell and Spencer Class. Ms Dixon is coordinating the counting… we will let you know a grand total at the end of the week!


A big well done to all the children remembering to push their scooters in the playground before and after school.

Miss Passey’s trip to LIV village, South Africa

Over the Easter break, Miss Passey (Clarence Class Teacher) will be spending two weeks in an orphanage called LIV village. LIV village houses over 130 children in Kwazulu Natal, Durban and is situated between the mountains and the seaside.
South Africa is a beautiful place and is also a place where many of the world’s poorest people live. There are over 5 million orphaned and vulnerable children, mostly due to HIV/AIDS and poverty, with 12,000 added to this number each month.
LIV exists to raise the next generation of leaders in South Africa. They place orphaned and vulnerable children into a family environment with a trained foster mother to love them. They also provide a school to educate them and meet their physical needs. LIV’s vision is to ‘Rescue a child, Restore a life, Raise a leader, and Release a star’.
Miss Passey first went to South Africa two years ago when she visited LIV village and was so moved that she decided to continue going back each year to teach, give donations and contribute towards the wonderful work they are doing. Her hope is that Bernards Heath and LIV village can develop strong links and help each other to become places where children understand and celebrate each other’s cultural differences and make new friends on the other side of the world.
Since September the children at Bernards Heath have been learning about LIV village in assembly and from an interactive display in the hall. By the end of the summer each year group will have learnt a bit more about life in LIV village and will have reflected on similarities and differences between our two schools. When she gets to South Africa Miss Passey will be sharing letters and drawings from children here at Bernards Heath and will introduce the LIV village children to our Learning Heroes – Dog, Duck, Monkey and Bear!
Please feel free to ask Miss Passey about her visit after the holiday or come and see the display in the hall next time you are at school.
In July this year  we are excited that the LIV village choir will be performing at Bernards Heath – keep a eye on the school newsletter for more information.
To find out more about LIV village, please visit: http://www.liv-village.com

Maths Week – Bernards Heath Business School!

It was Maths Week in school and the children learnt all about shops, coins, buying and selling.

A visit to Londis for Verulam class helped them with their market research.  What types of ice lollies do they sell? How much do they cost?  What should we put into our ice lollies?  The grown-ups were invited in to buy their lollies and visit their class shop.

DSC00418 DSC00431 DSC07522

Heartwood Class worked in teams to create their own biscuit designs ready to sell to their customers, whilst Clarence Class were busy designing, making and selling jewellery!  What a successful week jam packed with learning.  Thank you for your donations; altogether Maths Week raised over £130 to spend on maths resources.

Heratwood 1 (1) Heratwood 1 (5) Heratwood 1 (10)

Miss Woolfson

Maths Week – Bernards Heath Business School!

Heath Class have been very busy creating a class shop.  They know all about customers and shop keepers; they know how to use their till and are learning all about coins and money.

The shop was full of customers as children sold their biscuits to their grown-ups.  Thank you for your donations; Maths Week raised over £130 to spend on resources to support our learning.



DSC06381 DSC06384


Miss Woolfson

A visit from a Member of Parliament

Last Friday Oliver Dowden, the MP for Hertsmere, visited us.  In our Proud Assembly he explained what an MP does and how he became an MP. He gave the children pointers as to the important things they had to learn if they wanted to be an MP too.

We need to remember to:

  • speak clearly and loudly
  • listen to people’s ideas and problems
  • think of what we need to do to make our community an even better place.




Mr Dowden then led a School Council Meeting all about parking safely outside our school. The Councillors discussed the problems and suggested solutions which we voted on. The School Council will now meet with Mrs Rimmer to decide what to do next.

Thank you to Mr Dowden for a very interesting visit.

Gill Fenner




Maths Week – Bernards Heath Business School!

Money, Money, Money!

It was Maths Week and we became business experts.

Did you hear about the visit to Dragon’s Den?

 Year 1 and 2 children needed to come up with their big idea, conduct market research, draft a product plan, listen to feedback and work to a budget.  They needed to present and explain their ideas in order to be given a loan and then work out what profit they could make.  They worked hard all week to use and understand new vocabulary; loan, budget, profit, save, business, entrepreneur, invest, pitch.

DSC01336 DSC01392 DSC01398 DSC01402

By the end of the week Y1 and Y2 had sold their products to one another; Maths Week made a total profit of over £130!  Our next step is to work with the children to spend this money on maths resources for school.

Miss Woolfson

School Puddings


This morning Year 2 School Council met with Mrs Banahan to talk about how the pudding trial has worked at lunchtimes. Patricia talked about how she enjoyed tasting melon and Sid said he likes the cheese and crackers best. The children agreed that it was important to have fruit everyday and to encourage children to try different fruits even if they think they might not like them. Mrs Rimmer shared lots of notes from the Feelings Box; children have been writing about which fruits they have tried and other things they like about lunchtimes including: pasta, Lunchtime Helpers, Play Leaders and helping younger children with their trays and coats.

Everyone at the meeting agreed that having one option of either cake, biscuit, hot pudding, jelly or mousse a day was enough and that multiple options shouldn’t be available on the same day. This matches the outcomes of the parent questionnaire and it was agreed in the meeting that the trial will now become a permanent arrangement.

We are always looking for ways to improve and Mrs Banahan asked the children if there was anything else they thought could be better. Sid said it would be nice to have some more rice instead of potatoes and Tomasz said it would be good if the pear could be cut up to make it a bit easier to eat. Mrs Banahan is thinking about these things.

Mrs Banahan attended the local cooks meeting and has been learning about Herts Catering’s commitment to healthy eating and providing a balanced menu. New menus will be sent home before Easter and Mrs Rimmer and Mrs Banahan will review these to ensure they are in line with our expectations about puddings.

Thank you to School Council and to Mrs Banahan for making changes to meet the needs of our children and their families.

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