In preparation for the new menus (to start after Easter) the School Council met with Mr Jones from Herts Catering Limited on Monday morning. Mr Jones came to school to find out what the children most enjoyed eating at lunch time and what their least favourite menu items are.

As always our School Council spoke clearly and confidently about their ideas. There were some differences in opinion with one child saying “My favourite day is sausage day” while another said “Sausages are my worst!” The same was true with the cheese roll; one child’s favourite and another child’s least favourite.

Other favoured items from the menu included: pizza, fish, burgers, macaroni cheese, hot dogs and bolognaise.

Least favourite items included: baked beans, ratatouille, garlic bread, sweetcorn and tuna rolls.

During our discussion we realised we are very lucky to have a choice each day and every member of the School Council said there was something they enjoyed on the menu. Mr Jones asked what could be even better about lunchtimes and the children struggled to think of anything. They had talked about how much they liked to eat fruit at lunchtimes so Mr Jones asked if there were any other fruits they would like to choose for lunchtimes. He has gone to find out if he can add pineapple and passion fruit to our selection!

Watch the newsletter for more information about menus.


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