Our Staff Team


Head Teacher:Mrs Hannah Rimmer
Deputy Head Teacher:Miss Lottie Woolfson
Assistant Head Teacher:Miss Isabel Kearns
Teaching Staff
Heath Class (Foundation Stage 1):Mrs Vicky Pinkham
Mrs Lynsey O'Dell
Heartwood Class (Foundation Stage 2):Mrs Gill Fenner
Mrs Natasha Greenhalgh
Clarence Class (Foundation Stage 2):Miss Antonia Poole
Verulam Class (Foundation Stage 2): Mr Alyn Wilson
Mitchell Class (Year 1): Miss Georgina Suttle
Spencer Class (Year 1): Ms Liz Dixon
Churchill Class (Year 1): Miss Amelia Passey
Alban Class (Year 2): Miss Kally White
Morpurgo Class (Year 2): Mr Jon Fisher
Ryder Class (Year 2): Miss Isabel Kearns
Pupil Premium and 1:1 Tuition Teacher:Mrs Natasha Greenhalgh
SEN Co-ordinator: Mrs Wendy Griffin
Cover Teacher:Mrs Philippa Tullberg
Teaching Assistants
Lead Teaching Assistant:Miss Ellie Hart
Heath Class: Mrs Lynne Timmins (Early Years Practitioner)
Miss Sarah Atchama (Early Years Practitioner)
Mrs Ann Wale (FS1 Assistant)
Miss Tracy Bushell (FS1 Assistant)
Mrs Linda Watson (Learning Support)
Heartwood Class: Mrs Louise Birchall
Clarence Class: Mrs Katie Dale
Mrs Vanessa Sharp
Verulam Class: Mrs Kim Randall
FS Learning Mentor:Miss Sarah Atchama
Mitchell Class: Mrs Heather Latham
Spencer Class: Ms Anita Keeton
Churchill Class: Mrs Liz Hopkinson-Badgery
Alban Class:Mrs Wendy Atkins
Mrs Yulie Fisher (Learning Support)
Mrs Heather Kingsman (Learning Support)
Morpurgo Class:Mrs Martha Caulfield
Mrs Rachel Brown (Learning Support)
Ryder Class: Miss Helen Flanagan
Miss Kirsty Chase (Learning Support)
KS1 Learning Mentor:Mrs Lynne Timmins
Learning Support Assistant:Mrs Lianne Freestone
Pupil Premium Learning Support:Mrs Emma Williams
Librarian/Resources Leader: Mrs Harriet Parry
Support Staff
Premises Manager: Mr Barry Desborough
School Office Secretary: Mrs Dawn Mayhew
Administrative Assistant: Mrs Serena Davies
Leadership Administrative Assistant: Miss Jessica Woolfson
Senior Lunchtime Assistants: Mrs Harriet Parry
Mrs Emma Williams
Mrs Rachel Brown
Lunchtime Assistants:Mrs Helen Peterkin, Mrs Sajida Perveen, Mrs Shalmoli Khanom, Mrs Susan Atchama, Mrs Shorifa Chowdhury, Mrs Shapali Begum, Mrs Angie Sinnott, Mrs Kazi Jahan, Mrs Happy Begum, Mrs Lianne Freestone, Mrs Benita Aide, Mrs Yulie Fisher, Mrs Heather Kingsman, Mrs Silvia Hernandez, Mrs Michelle Player
Lunchtime Nurture Group:Miss Kirsty Chase
School Cleaners: Mrs Angela Sinott, Mrs Sajida Perveen
Head of Kitchen: Miss Linda Banahan

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