Bernards Heath Infant & Nursery School, Sandridge Road,  St Albans, Herts, AL1 4AP. Phone: 01727 852106. Email:

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Bernards Heath Infant and Nursery School

Inspiring individuals to develop a positive sense of self and the skills for lifelong learning.

I feel incredibly proud to be the head teacher at Bernards Heath Infant and Nursery School. When I think about why I get up each day and choose to spend my time at Bernards Heath two things come to mind.

Firstly, I passionately believe that we, as a school community, have the opportunity to develop a positive sense of self in every child. Through our Learning Hero Giraffe, every child learns it is great to be them, just as they are. They develop an understanding that there is no one else like them anywhere in the world. They learn that we may share interests or opinions with friends. They also learn that we also think differently, believe differently, enjoy different hobbies and grapple with different areas of learning. I believe that a strong sense of self and a feeling of belonging sets a child up for the best start in life.

Secondly I am fully invested in teaching children the skills for lifelong learning. Children are not merely empty vessels arriving at school ready to be filled with knowledge. They arrive with us at school with a whole host of knowledge about the world, with their own interests and strengths. In partnership with those closest to them, we are committed to encouraging and teaching the characteristics of effective learners: to question, to communicate effectively and show empathy; to be resilient in the face of challenges and to manage distractions. These skills will serve them well not just in the three or four years they spend with us but in future years to come as they move forward in the next steps of their learning journey into careers and jobs that don’t yet exist.

Please look at our website for more information and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

I look forward to welcoming you to school.

Mrs Hannah Rimmer – Head Teacher