At lunchtime on Tuesday something very special happened. For the first time ever, each child from Verulam, Clarence and Heartwood Class invited one grown-up to come to school and learn about the lunchtime experience at Bernards Heath.
Our admin team welcomed our special visitors and gave out lunch bands so they knew what they were having for lunch.Children were excited when they arrived at the hall and met grown-ups who were sitting at the tables and chairs and wearing lunch bands just like them! Mums, Dads, Grandparents and special family friends queued with children to collect either chicken and rice or a jacket potato and chatted together while they ate. 
Mrs Donagher and her team had worked really hard to make sure that everyone had something to eat and there were lots of compliments about the quality of the lunch served. The grown-ups helped pour water and children proudly showed their guests where to put their tray, cup and cutlery after they had finished eating. After lunch children and grown-ups went outside to play and when Mrs Williams squeaked the squeaker our children were very good at saying goodbye, going back to the classroom and settling back in to their afternoon of learning.
A big thank you to all the children, staff and parents who helped make this special lunchtime a great success!
Mrs Rimmer

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