What a welcome surprise we had in our Outdoor Learning this afternoon! Year 2 Ryder Class were out on the field enjoying the spring sunshine and using our new bendy meter sticks to measure length and width when all of a sudden we saw a visitor in our wild garden. We were welcomed over and Mike introduced himself. He explained to us that he was making a willow den and tunnel! How astounded we were and eager to learn more. Mike explained how he would bend the willow into different shapes and that it would take root and grow. Oliver asked:

“Do you stick it together with glue?”

Mike kindly replied that he never uses glue or sticky tape but the willow itself- just like they would have done in the olden days! We were amazed to see how he bent small pieces of willow and wrapped it around larger branches to hold tight. We are so excited to explore our tunnel, look after it and watch it grow and flourish. Thank you so much Mike for talking to us!

Miss Kearns


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