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Welcome to the blog for our Alban, Morpurgo, and Ryder class children.


Blog update

Just to let you know our new blogs are almost here!  They are just being finalised and we will be ready to share some exciting updates later on next week.

One of the key changes is the ability for you to ‘follow’ your class blog.  This means you will be sent an automatic message each time a new blog is posted, keeping you up-to-date with everything happening in school.

Look out for more information next week.

Year 2 Half-term round-up

This half-term has truly flown by!

We started this term getting to know each other and reflecting on what we had been doing in the holidays. The children shared with us all their interesting and exciting adventures.

After that we focused on this term’s theme which was ‘On the Farm’. The children talked about what they already knew and we followed this by finding out what the children wanted to explore. In order for them to find out more, they used selected websites and videos about farming and worked on their note taking skills to record information. We brought in a variety of vegetables for them to investigate and they then developed their observational sketching, remembering to use backwards and forwards motion with a soft pencil grip. In Geography the children have been developing their map skills, studying farm maps and then producing their own maps with keys. We have been sequencing pictures showing the way in which the milking process has developed over the years.

In maths, we have had a strong focus on place value. Children have been using the Dienes apparatus to partition two-digit numbers and are applying this knowledge to add two 2-digit numbers. They are beginning to become experts on this and you may like to see if they can show you their skills when you are out and about.

Another area in which have become experts, is in the features of traditional tales, particularly focusing on the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We got creative and made story boxes of the setting and followed this up by making puppets of the characters in order to role play the story. Children rounded up this learning by writing their own version of the story, by changing the vegetable and characters.

In science we have been looking at plants, observing their different parts and carrying out experiments to understand the life cycle of a plant. Children planted beans and placed them in different conditions, predicting which would grow and then recording the results. We observed the features of different seeds and how these helped seeds to disperse in different ways, ensuring the continuation of the cycle.

Next half term we are looking forward to learning about different celebrations. We wish you a relaxed half term and look forward to welcoming the children back in November.

The Year 2 team

Our Book Fair Rewards!

From the £1,400 spent by parents at our Book Fair in April we raised just over £800 in rewards to be spent on books for school.  Here are the new books we’ve received this week.  Due to the extremely tight budget this has been a huge help to us and has enabled us to update and replenish books in the library, in classrooms and to support our 1:1 Readit2 programme.

A huge thank you for your support – we are incredibly lucky!

Ready, Steady, Sketch!

Year 2 have been enjoying our Art Enrichment days this week.

Over the last two days, the children have been introduced to some old and new drawing vocabulary, sketching techniques and illustrators.

We started by making our own personalised sketch books to collect our artwork in. We learnt some new mark-making techniques, including cross-hatching and stippling (dots). We were fortunate to have two artists visit us, demonstrating their calligraphy and sketching skills.

Our classes looked closely at the illustrations in several of Anthony Browne’s books and recreated these in their sketch books.

We really enjoyed showcasing our sketching during Open Classrooms this morning, thanks to all the parents who came in to share our learning.

Maths Enrichment Days

Our Learning Hero Duck has been busy! Over the Christmas holidays and on the first day back at school delivered tricky maths challenges to each class!

Challenges involved making patterns, sharing and finding combinations that add to make a number. Year 2 solved magic boxes, Mitchell class went outside to solve the problem of getting from one end of the field to the other without letting their feet touch the floor! Churchill class made an estimation station where one child filled a bowl with dinosaurs and another child had to guess how many there were!

The Happy Puzzle company also came to visit and gave the children lots of puzzles to solve as a team in our school hall!

The children were encouraged to talk about the problems they encountered and find ways of overcoming these together (even when they were really tricky!)

Here are some quotes from the children following two fantastic days of being expert problem solvers just like Duck:


“We had to do teamwork and not give up like duck when solving the puzzles.” – Juliette

“I’m going to do a Duck challenge.” – James N

“It keeps going on and on. You can even put it in a circle and it’s still a pattern” – Anna taking part in a pattern challenge

“It gets harder and harder but I really like hard stuff.” – Maxime

“I like that it’s hard and it’s a challenge.” – Jojo

“I just like that we get to do tricky challenges.” – Sam

“You get to make puzzles.” – Kerr

“This one is the heavy one because there is rocks inside… Or maybe playdough.” – Grace

“Because you get to build a tower and this one is getting trickier and trickier!” – Aaryan


Fun Run Winners!


We were so Proud to be announced as Primary School Champions in the St Albans Fun Run for the third year in a row. On Sunday 12th June we laced up our trainers, put on our red t-shirts and gathered by the Bernards Heath flags in the runner’s village in the park. At 10.15am we ran, jogged, raced, meandered and piggy backed our way along the 1.5 mile course. It was great to work in a team with our Junior School and to see children from Nursery to Year 6 running  together and sharing words of encouragement. It was a hot day and some little legs got very tired; it didn’t stop us though and we remembered our Learning Hero Duck who never ever gives up in the face of tricky challenges!

Thank you to children, parents and staff for supporting this exciting event… see you there next year!

Year 2 Visit to RAF Hendon

On Thursday 11th May Year 2 visited the RAF Museum in Hendon. It was a chance for the children to get up close to the aeroplanes we have been learning about in our World War II theme this term. The children and volunteers had a wonderful day exploring the museum and learning about the RAF and air raids. Children were receiving a stern talking to from the air raid warden about how to stay safe when suddenly an air raid siren went off and we had to evacuate to the Anderson shelter! Luckily it was just a drill. After that we tried on different RAF uniforms and talked about what it must have been like to be a pilot.

Thank you to all the staff and parent volunteers who made this visit possible.

Mr Fisher and the Year 2 team.

Pirate Day

Shiver me timbers what a day we had on Wednesday22nd March! Pirate Ron anchored his ship at Bernards Heath for a day of fun and learning opportunities. 90 pirates raided our classrooms at 8:50AM as we opened our doors. There were stripes, cutlasses, parrots, and eye patches galore. Pirate Ron taught us about pirate life, battles, and historical characters. The children enjoyed an upbeat puppet show, and took an active part in finding the lost treasure. After a hearty lunch the children got stuck in making fantastic puppets. There were sharks, octopuses, mermaids, parrots, and cats.  We then disembarked to the playground and recreated epic battles.

“This is the best day ever!” James Y.

“I liked the part when he caught the shark” Connor.

“Pirate  Ron was so funny, I liked it when he made the ‘oh’ sound” Olivia.

Thanks to Pirate Ron for visiting us and thank you to all the children and grown ups for going to so much effort with their costumes and props.





World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March 2017 we welcomed a host of book characters to school. From Tintin to Mildred Hubble, Gangster Granny to Horrid Henry, it was such a sight to see! Children paraded their costumes, immersed themselves in reading and enjoyed illustrations in books. At playtime children acted out scenes from their favourite stories and had lots of fun and laughs.

A big thank-you to grown-ups and carers at home for helping the children get ready for this big day!

Y2 Maths Quiz – who will win?

This week has seen the introduction of our first ever Y2 Maths Quiz.

Each class was split into teams and worked their way through 11 questions – working together, whispering so as not to give their answer away, solving problems and being very quick on their buzzers!

Led by their Team Leader each team decided on which Learning Hero would be their mascot and why – “We’ve chosen Bear because Bear’s good at listening and being encouraging and that’s what we need to do.”

By Friday the winning team from each class will go head-to-head to find the overall Year 2 Maths Quiz Champions – we can’t wait!