Yesterday was an exciting day at school because some people saw an alien spaceship crash on to the heath! One person saw flashing lights in the night, which were ‘a bit red and white’,  ‘some green things which could have been aliens’ were also seen.

Children coming to school saw loads of coloured envelopes with things like ‘Open Me’ on the front. When the envelopes were opened there were letters and notes inside saying ‘Bernards Heath is lovely’ and ‘we like your red jumpers’.  One letter said I am sorry if you have bumped into something,  that was our spaceship. The letters were all different but at the end they all said love from the aliens!

In our Phonics lesson we read alien words to practice blending, English was really fun and we wrote a newspaper report. In P.E. we used marker cones to pretend that we were aliens with really big ears and some of us made UFOs to balance on our heads!

Yesterday was BRILLIANT!

By Maddie, Thomas, Harry and Jack Small in Alban Class