Curriculum Maps

These documents are called Curriculum Maps. They show the skills and knowledge that our children are expected to have gained by the end of Year 2. We have also included some detail about what this looks like in the classroom.

At Bernards Heath we know that children learn at different paces and some children will need additional support to acquire the key skills and knowledge stated on the Curriculum Maps. Other children may meet these objectives before the end of the Key Stage and they will be challenged to use their skills and knowledge in different contexts.

Our Curriculum Maps link to the National Curriculum.  Teachers write detailed blogs which include suggestions for how parents can support at home and information about songs, stories, concepts and key learning in the classroom.

As a team we have used training days to audit our earlier curriculum maps and these were last updated Summer 2019.

We take into consideration the interests of the children and teachers and make as many links across the curriculum as possible, e.g. teaching maths skills for handling data through a science lesson or writing diaries as a character from history.

We always welcome your feedback so if there is anything we can do to make the information contained here easier to access and/or understand please let us know. Please contact the Head teacher if you need any further information regarding the Curriculum Maps.