As part of her science subject leader role Miss Suttle has set up a school Eco Council and, as part of Governor Day 2018, Mrs Newbigging and Mrs Carr attended an Eco Council meeting and were very impressed with what they heard.

The class representatives from Years 1 and 2 were full of wonderful ideas about how to make Bernards Heath Infant and Nursery School more Eco friendly. Many of their ideas were around reducing electricity usage, especially when lights were being used unnecessarily. It was therefore no surprise that once they realised the March sunshine outside, we spent the second half of the meeting with the lights off!

When not talking about switching off lights the Eco Councillors had other wonderful ideas about how we can encourage more paper recycling in school and also how we should all make sure that only toilet roll is flushed down the toilet. They have grand plans for a school litter pick and possibly extending this to the local community and picking up litter on Bernards Heath. Miss Suttle is going to go away and talk to the Friends of Bernards Heath about what might be possible.

Also, look out for a message in the school newsletter about how the children have been inspired by watching The Blue Planet and want us all to try to reduce our plastic consumption.

Caroline Lucas had better watch out, as I think some of these children might be after her job soon!

Thank you to Miss Suttle and the Eco Council for allowing us to join you today.