No less than three times in one week!


We have been treated to three fabulous performances of the Year 2 play this week. In a change to the traditional Leavers Assembly the whole cohort worked together to tell the story of Eddie, a penguin who goes on a mission to save the world from global warming! The change of plan came about when the children were asked what they wanted to do for their Leavers Assembly they talked about how much they had enjoyed the Christmas production, singing, acting and playing instruments. After checking with teachers and parents it was a done deal and the decision was made.

Audiences were wowed by confident performers who sung, danced and narrated their story to a very high standard. We were so proud of the way the children introduced their characters, played their instruments, worked together and so obviously enjoyed themselves every time they got on the stage.

Feedback from parents was great, they told us how proud they felt of how far the children had come since they first performed with us in their Christmas play back in 2014. They also said: “It was good to go out on a high!” the performance was “Uplifting” and “A good opportunity for the children to show what they can do.” There were lots of comments about how well the children worked together and helped and supported each other.

A big round of applause for our professional performers who did not let a technical hitch with the music or a costume malfunction spoil the show. A big thank you to staff who directed the play, made costumes, sets and programmes, led the dancers and musicians and encouraged our children to do their very best!

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