As part of Governors’ Day on Wednesday this week two of us met with school councillors to talk to them about road safety and parking around our school. It is a subject that we know many grown-ups have concerns about locally and we wanted to get the children’s input into how to address the issue best.


The current School Council at Bernards Heath is made up of a mix of children who walk, scoot and drive to school. Over half of the children also had an older sibling at the Junior School and we talked about how their brothers and sisters are dropped off there before their grown-ups bring them to school.


All children were aware of the dangers of busy roads, like Sandridge Road, and also spoke about how it is necessary to find somewhere safe to cross a road and to always do so with a grown-up. Some of the children talked about how it can sometimes be difficult to cross either Seymour Road, or the roads leading to our Upper Culver Road gate, due to cars being parked where they want to cross. They suggested that there should be more double yellow lines, or zigzags, to tell grown-ups not to park there.


Around our school are various posters drawn by children telling grown-ups to park considerably and to help us keep our children safe. The children felt that some grown-ups who park and drive near our school think that what the posters say is “not true” and that they ignore them. One of them suggested that they might talk to their grown up about the posters the next time that they walked past them together. They also suggested that PCSO Russo (our local PCSO) might tell grown-ups that they should listen to what the posters say. Many of the children were concerned that when cars park half on the road and half on the pavement they might get hurt if someone opened a car door when they walked or scooted past.


Many of the children scoot to school and the spoke proudly of how they wear their helmets when scooting and don’t go too fast. They also talked about how important it is to scoot close to their grown-ups. As a group they were keen that we should make some new posters reminding children about how to scoot safely and we could ask Mr Desborough to put them up so that people can see them when they go in and out of the school gates.


As a school, governors and staff we will continue to work with parents, carers, local residents and our PCSO to keep our children safe and minimise inconvenience to those who live and work nearby. We ask all of you to park considerately, ensuring that you are not blocking resident’s drives or parking close to corners to prevent pedestrians from crossing safely. We also advise you not to park partially on the pavement, as this can make it particularly difficult for pedestrians with prams and pushchairs.


If you ever have any concerns about parking or road safety then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school to discuss further.


Mrs Carr and Mrs Rahman