Year 1 have all spent time in the hall today tackling puzzles and learning lots of new things. They have been working in teams and we have been really impressed with their negotiating skills and turn taking.

Sid told me ‘We have done some tricky puzzles in the hall today because it was puzzle day.  My favourite was when we played the tree game. We had to build a tree and we couldn’t hold the tree stump up at first, then we had a clue and it was better after that!

Kitty described herself as being like Bear – one of our Learning Heroes – because her group were all listening to each other’s ideas! ‘We had some tricky games and we played them in teams.’

Pietro talked lots about the fish game – ‘I liked it when we had to put fish on the hat without touching it. It was tricky and I was a bit like Duck because I did not give up.’

The children told me to tell you that puzzles are not just for children, they said that adults would like them too!