Having heard lots about the LIV Choir visit to Bernards Heath I was delighted to be given the opportunity to come into school on the Friday morning to see the choir perform to the whole school, and wow, what an experience it was!

As the children filled the hall there was a real sense of anticipation, helped by the African music that was playing at the time. The choir walked in and you could hear the buzz as the children all noticed their bright and colourful traditional African dress, and most intriguingly the wellies that all the boys in the choir were wearing on their feet.

As soon as the choir started tapping out a beat on their wellies and then singing the children all became absolutely spellbound by what was being performed. Never before have I seen over 300 children so quiet or still! Even all the staff were transfixed.

After performing two songs the choir returned to the hall and performed one of the songs again, but this time whilst teaching us all how to do the accompanying dance. The children’s enthusiasm (and all that practice they get from five-a-day) was infectious and it wasn’t long before the whole school was clapping, swaying and tapping our feet.

It honestly felt like a real priviledge to be involved in such a performance and the bringing together of the two cultures in the school hall was magical. Miss Passey’s passion in bringing together the two schools has to be commended as the whole LIV choir visit has given the children such a fantastic opportunity to learn about a contrasting culture.

As I left school later that morning I walked past the outdoor Reception space and was thrilled to see a group of children using their CIP time to re-enact the choir’s performance. They had created a stage area, put on their outdoor learning wellies and also set up seating for an audience who were applauding them as they put on a very enthuiastic version of the Gumboot dance. If you ever wanted to see a perfect example of children learning from experiences and taking those experiences back into their play then this had to be it!