We do not administer medicine at school – if your child needs medicine, please let the doctor know so that he or she can adjust the dose accordingly.  Otherwise, please make arrangements for yourself or another responsible adult to come to school at lunchtime (if appropriate) to administer the medicine.

In cases where children have special medical needs e.g. asthma or allergies, parents should discuss this with Mrs Rimmer, so that a care plan can be written to help us support your child at school.

Please do not send cough or throat sweets to school with your child as these could pose a risk to other children.

Please avoid taking your child out of school for a medical appointment during the school day. If you have no option than to do this, please send a note into school detailing the appointment date and the time you will be collecting your child and when they will return. On the day of the appointment please go to the office to collect your child and not to the classroom door.