It’s the smell of mini apple pies! Today Sally Claxton demonstrated the new cooking recipe for next half term, a big ‘thank you’ to her for practising the recipe at home and organising the ingredients for today’s demonstration. She cooked with two children from Clarence Class and was watched by a group of cooking volunteers. We are really excited about cooking at school, it is such a great activity for promoting skills such as:

Personal and Social: Sharing, talking, listening, explaining and learning about healthy eating

Maths: Recognising numbers, weights and measures

Literacy: Reading recipes and talking about words and their meaning

Science: Irreversible changes, observing how cooking changes the way food looks and tastes

Cooking for all classes starts after half term. We are still looking for a volunteer to cook with Alban and Morpurgo Classes, come and talk to Mrs Rimmer if you would like to help.

Mrs Rimmer – Deputy Head