Sharing what our Play Leaders do at school. The grown ups won this game. Snakes and Ladders Finding out about playtimes in the past. A game of draughts!On Wednesday 25th March some of our Play Leaders went into St Albans to visit Kevin and the Wednesday Fellowship Group at the Salvation Army.

The children were really good at introducing themselves and explaining what a Play Leader at Bernards Heath does. They asked the adults in the group what playtimes were like when they were at school and some of their responses were very surprising!

Some of the games they played we still play… hopscotch, chase and marbles as well as some games we had never heard of.

Ruby-Grace was surprised to hear that the teachers just left the children outside to play on their own after school. Valerie told her that she used to take apples from the farmer’s field.

Zoe talked to Jean and found out she used to go to our school!

Ruari learnt that some people in the group used to play ‘Ring a Roses’ and ‘5 Stones’ in the playground at playtimes.

Porchia found out that children used to get into trouble for writing with their left hand and sometimes got a whack on that hand!

Michael’s favourite part of the visit was learning to play draughts!

Olivia really liked having a biscuit treat, yummy!

Greta played draughts with Harry and Kevin, now it is one of her favourites even though she didn’t win.

Harry found out that the grown up he talked to had to take a gas mask to school because he went to school during the war.

Izzy learnt that children wrote on slates not whiteboards like the ones we use at school today.

Abi and Beryl chatted lots about playtimes and lunchtimes

It was a lovely experience and we hope to work with the Wednesday Fellowship Group again one day.

Mrs Rimmer