Progression Documents

Our Progression Documents have been created by our inspirational team and have been written so that they are in line with the statutory National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2), and the Early Learning Goals for the end of Reception.

Progression Documents cover the range of Foundation Subjects at school and define end of year expectations. It is crucial as educators that we understand how children develop and build their understanding of key concepts as they grow. An example of this would be in History; our youngest children start off by looking at the chronology of their own lives – from babyhood to now. By the time children reach Year 2 they have a growing understanding of the passing of time and can see how key events like the moon landing in 1969 fits within a timeline. 

To find out more about how these documents come to life, you can look at the Class Blogs. Teachers regularly write detailed blogs which include suggestions for how parents and carers can support their children with learning at home, as well as songs, stories and celebrations shared in the classroom.

Ensuring that our children learn about a broad range of diverse individuals was a priority. In Art and Design for example, the artists, craft makers and designers are from a range of diverse cultures, communities, and historical periods. It is vital that children can ‘see themselves’ in our curriculum, that we support them to develop a positive sense of self and that they are inspired. 

At Bernards Heath we know that children develop at different rates and some children will need additional support to acquire the key skills and knowledge stated on the Progression Documents. Other children may meet these objectives before the end of a year and they will have the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge in different contexts to deepen their understanding.

We always welcome your feedback so if there is anything we can do to make the information contained here easier to access and/or understand, please let us know. Contact your child’s class teacher or Mrs Parfitt, our Assistant Head teacher if you need any further information.