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PTA - Fund Raising For Our School


The Bernards Heath Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a friendly and lively group of parents, carers, teachers and support staff with lots of enthusiasm for fundraising and supporting the school.

All meetings are open to everyone to attend, give their opinions and ideas, and to offer help and support the school. The meeting dates are publicised in advance and there are regular email updates from the PTA throughout the school year.  General meetings are usually held once per term with additional event meetings throughout the year.

We use the web app ‘PTA Events’ to make volunteering at PTA events even easier. To sign up, to hear news of forthcoming events, and to volunteer please sign into:

PTA Statement

Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer – we are enthusiastically supporting our children by helping to raise money for our school and strengthening our school community by bringing people together. Everyone is welcome! Come along volunteer and join the fun. 

Key Documents

Bernards Heath School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a registered charity in England and Wales, #1020025

 Charity committee reports can be found here

PTA Contact Details: If you are interested in volunteering or have any fundraising ideas please get in touch:



Calendar of Events
Sign up here for Surprise Storytellers

  • 3rd May – Pre-loved Uniform Sale
  • 10th May – Strawberry Picnic
  • 7th June – Pre-loved Uniform Sale
  • 13th June – Cake Sale (tbc)
  • 14th June – Father’s Day Presents
  • 5th July – Pre-loved Uniform Sale
  • 9th July – PTA Meeting (Xmas Pre-Planning)
  • 19th-21st July – Family Camp
  • 23rd July – Ice Lolly Picnic

Raising Money

Pre-loved Uniform Sales – held regularly throughout the year. Outgrown uniform (good condition/clean) can be donated via the school office. Order online by emailing the PTA.

Match funding – if you volunteer at an event, perhaps you could get proceeds match funded through work.

School name labelsclick here and raise 30% commission for the PTA using code: 1803

Cash-back to the PTA whilst shopping, turn your online purchases into FREE DONATIONS for the PTA, at no extra cost to you!

Easyfundraising, click here to download the free app and you will never miss a donation for Bernards Heath Infant PTA

The Giving Machine, click here to shop online and donate to Bernards Heath Infant and Nursery School, sign up code 57631. 

Just Giving, click here to start fundraising for our PTA. Choose from hundreds of official events including marathons, bike rides, triathlons and bake offs.

Our Current PTA Committee

  • Deonna Michel – Treasurer
  • Helen Peterkin – Trustee
  • Paula Mallon – Co-Chair
  • Maria Rodriguez-Vazquez – Secretary
  • Karin Kovalsky – Co-Chair

PTA Reps

Heath Class: Abi Rugo-Weaver
Heartwood Class: Maria Rodriguez-Vazquez
Clarence Class: Loriann Paris
Verulam Class: Amoreena Campbell

Mitchel Class: Lauren Sims
Spencer Class: Karin Kovalski
Churchill Class: Jane Shameli

Alban Class: Adrian Summers
Morpurgo Class: Chloe Leung
Ryder Class: Mandy Pring

Open Roles

Want to help support the school community?  Join our amazing team!  We’re looking for  a few more individuals to  help lead key areas:

  • Christmas Fair Leader
  • Pre-loved Uniform Leader
  • Communications/Marketing Leader

The roles above can be done alone or jointly so perhaps grab a friend and get involved!

To help or learn more about these roles please email: