We have a uniform policy for every child attending Bernards Heath. We expect all children to be suitably dressed for a day of active learning in school and as such we have a Foundation Stage uniform for all children in the Foundation Stage and a Key Stage 1 uniform for children in Years 1 and 2  – most of the items are similar, please see table below.

All uniform, shoes and book bags must be labelled with your child’s name so that if found we can return it to you.

We expect all children to wear well fitting “school style” shoes which will allow them to use our play areas and equipment safely (please, no training shoes or boots). Boots can be worn to school in poor weather but these must be changed for school style shoes once the child is in the classroom.

Please send a coat/jacket with your child since they take part in outside activities every day.

When the weather is hot and sunny please send a sun hat to school and put some sun cream on your child in the morning.

Please note: Our school sweatshirt or cardigans have the school logo on them and need to be bought from Stevensons on Victoria Street or online by clicking here. You will find all of our uniform is available here or you can choose to buy jogging bottoms, skirts, trousers, shorts and polo shirts from several different supermarkets/shops.

Stevensons also sell a range of other uniform with our school logo which you may choose to buy but it is optional:

  • Red fleece jacket with school logo
  • Red waterproof fleece with school logo
  • Red baseball style caps with school logo

The PTA organise second hand uniform sales where you can buy uniform for a small charge. When your child outgrows their uniform we would be very pleased if you would donate it to one of these sales.

Jewellery should not be worn to school. If your child wears pierced earrings then please ensure that only studs are worn.

We encourage children to wait until Key Stage 1 to wear a watch to school. We ask children not to wear smart watches, analogue watches are more appropriate when learning to tell the time.

Uniform List

(Mandatory items are marked with an *)

ItemBoysGirlsPurchase from Stevenson
School Sweatshirt with logo* YesYesYes
School Cardigan with logo* YesYesYes
Plain white short sleeved polo shirt – without logo*YesYes-
Grey jogging bottoms* (Foundation Stage 1 and 2 only)YesYes-
Grey school style skirt (Key Stage 1 only)NoYes-
Grey school style trousers (Key Stage 1 only)YesYes-
Red and white checked summer dress (Key Stage 1 only)NoYes-
Grey school style shorts or culottes – summer wearYesYes-
School style shoes (black or brown)*YesYes-
School PE Kit bag* (Key Stage 1 only)YesYes-
Trainers or Black PE plimsolls* – Velcro versions preferred (Key Stage 1 only)YesYes-
Red PE t-shirt with logo* (Key Stage 1 only)YesYesYes
Black PE shorts* (Key Stage 1 only)YesYes-
White socks* – ankle or knee lengthNoYes-
Tights – red or grey for winter (Key stage 1 only)NoYes-
Grey/black socks*YesNo-
Red baseball cap with logo – optionalYesYes-
Red legionnaire’s style cap with logo – optionalYesYes-
Red fleece with logo – outside wear only – optionalYesYes-
Red waterproof fleece with logo – outside wear only – optionalYesYes-