This half-term has truly flown by!

We started this term getting to know each other and reflecting on what we had been doing in the holidays. The children shared with us all their interesting and exciting adventures.

After that we focused on this term’s theme which was ‘On the Farm’. The children talked about what they already knew and we followed this by finding out what the children wanted to explore. In order for them to find out more, they used selected websites and videos about farming and worked on their note taking skills to record information. We brought in a variety of vegetables for them to investigate and they then developed their observational sketching, remembering to use backwards and forwards motion with a soft pencil grip. In Geography the children have been developing their map skills, studying farm maps and then producing their own maps with keys. We have been sequencing pictures showing the way in which the milking process has developed over the years.

In maths, we have had a strong focus on place value. Children have been using the Dienes apparatus to partition two-digit numbers and are applying this knowledge to add two 2-digit numbers. They are beginning to become experts on this and you may like to see if they can show you their skills when you are out and about.

Another area in which have become experts, is in the features of traditional tales, particularly focusing on the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We got creative and made story boxes of the setting and followed this up by making puppets of the characters in order to role play the story. Children rounded up this learning by writing their own version of the story, by changing the vegetable and characters.

In science we have been looking at plants, observing their different parts and carrying out experiments to understand the life cycle of a plant. Children planted beans and placed them in different conditions, predicting which would grow and then recording the results. We observed the features of different seeds and how these helped seeds to disperse in different ways, ensuring the continuation of the cycle.

Next half term we are looking forward to learning about different celebrations. We wish you a relaxed half term and look forward to welcoming the children back in November.

The Year 2 team