Year 2 traveled back in time when they visited Mountfitchet Castle this week. The children explored the battlements, immersed themselves in village life, and discovered the Lord’s Grand Hall. There was so much to see! Year 2 had great fun trying on the heavy helmets and chain mail. We learned lots about roles inside the castle such as the blacksmith, surgeon, candle maker, and alchemist.

Jessica says…”Did you know that if you do something wrong they used to put you in the stocks and they throw rotten food at you!”

Enid says… “I love Mountfitchet Castle and seeing the animals. It was fantastic! I loved being locked up in a cage!”

Sid says… “At Mountfitchet Castle you see the old toilets, the stocks and the baths.”

What a superb day! Thank-you so much to our parent helpers and well done to the children for their excellent behaviour.